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Role: Artist

ELLE Endless Learner was a project created by a group of Computer Science Majors for their Senior Design class. It is a game that assists second language acquisition.  They Approached my supervisor at the Games Research Lab to be a Sponsor. She assigned me to the project to improve the visuals of the game.

What I Did

I was brought on to provide visual assets to the project. 

3D Art Assets

  • The ELLE Museum building

  • Benches

  • ELLE sign

  • 3D Frames for the Runner

  • Indoor Benches

  • Banners outside of Building

Graphic Design​

  • Logo

  • Desktop Launch Icon

  • Color Scheme



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What I Learned

As sole artist, This project had placed me into a position in which I had to be versatile and organized. Upon sitting down with the clients, I asked what was they required to be done and sorted the objectives into three levels of priorities. This also helped me with my time management skills because I was also working on another project at the Lab.

Award Winning

The project was entered in the University of Central Florida's Senior Design competition and won First place in the entire competition. 

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